What Vegans Eat – Day 1368


Breakfast: Today we sit and wait as the person I have accompanied to MD Anderson Hospital in Houston will have surgery. We arrived before 8am. Everything has gone well for the most part so far. I love the doctors – all trim, smart upbeat women. The staff is responsive and helpful. Another surgeon had been late to start his surgery in the same operating room our team was going to use, so our surgery started late. I ate a Banana as I memorized music I will be singing in a concert in December.

About an hour later I had a cup of delicious Purple Sweet Potatoes. I had cooked them yesterday and ate them cold for breakfast.

Lunch: Surgery now in process, I sit and wait and eat an organic Yellow Apple.

Next, I choose the container of Red Quinoa and Guacamole from last night’s dinner. It’s good.

A little later I have the leftover Cannellini Beans in Tomato Sauce. By now I am stuffed for the day.

The surgery went well. The patient, a vegan who was staying over night, ordered Braised Kale, Firm Tofu and Brown Rice. The hospital food service department had all food options computerized so they could quickly verify ingredients and tell you what was vegan. It’s encouraging to know there are hospitals that are making improvements like this. I went back to the hotel and ate a little more of the mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes.
Gary shared some photos of what he’s been eating back home in New York. He made this gorgeous Cauliflower Frittata, based on the Spinach Frittata recipe we make a lot. He used the leftover Cauliflower/Tahini/Olives/Sun-dried Tomato dish that we had on Election Day. He saved me a piece to try when I get home. It has a rich, lemony taste. Gary says, “I’m calling it, It’s All Greek To Me. Don’t ask me why.”

He served it with Cabbage Slaw and Baked Potato Fries.

He also made a Pear Crisp and saved me a piece. I can’t wait to try it!


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