What Vegans Eat – Day 1443


First Meal: It’s Mother’s Day. Not Hallmark’s holiday but my designated day this week to visit Mom and do as many things as I can for her. First, to pick up some forms at a Suffolk County government office, then food shopping at Trader Joe’s. If there’s time, a visit to the cemetery where my Dad is buried and then to her annual physical. Sometime I will take a look at her printer that isn’t printing. I wanted something comforting and nourishing at the same time to get me through the day. I scored big time! I made a variation on my Breakfast Black Beans recipes only made it better. Instead of chunks of chewy organic Dried Apricots I made it with the Apricot Butter we make with those same apricots. It was so, so very good, like chocolate pudding.

Second Meal:
After breakfast I prayed the car’s tires would be okay. The front right tire has been slowly losing air for the last six months and when I brought it to Toyota in December they said the tire was fine. Sure enough, it was low again this morning. I had to get to a service station and fill it before starting on my journey. I managed to do that, get the forms and go shopping and get to Mom’s with 45 minutes to spare before her doctor’s appointment. We’d miss going to the cemetery again. I made us a big organic Salad. She helped. She loves eating salads like this but never thinks to make them on her own. It had organic Power Greens, organic Red Onions, Green Olives, organic Tomatoes, organic Garbanzo Beans and organic Walnuts. Good Salad! I splashed mine with organic Balsamic Vinegar. We chewed fast because we had to leave to see the doctor.

After Mom’s I went back to Toyota ready to get angry about the tire and demand a new one. Every time I go there I cry to the service representative. I am always so stressed out about something. It’s embarrassing. He listened to my tale of woe and offered to give me a rental loaner so they could check the tire for a longer time. But then, the person checking the tire found the leak! There was some pointy plastic thing that got wedged in the tire and caused me months of grief. With the tire repaired I relaxed and drive home.
Third Meal:
Fortunately once in the neighborhood, I got a parking spot and settled in for dinner. Mom insisted I take some Pineapple, Mushrooms and organic Tomatoes home with me, saying she had too much. I relented. I took the organic Polenta with organic Garlic and organic Zucchini that I made yesterday, cut it into squares and put it in the oven to grill. Next I sautéed organic Red Onions, Mom’s Mushrooms and organic Brussels Sprouts. I topped my dinner bowl with my homemade organic Cashew Cheese Spread.

For dessert, I finished up the Pineapple Mom sent me home with.


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