What Vegans Eat – Day 1458


First Meal: My organic Spaghetti Squash and organic Almond Ricotta dinner last night was so yummy I couldn’t wait to have it again. I reheated it for my first meal of the day and served it with a big organic Power Greens Salad.

Second Meal:
When I was hungry again I was in the mood for some cereal. I finished up the cooked organic Steel Cut Oats, serving it cold with a big plop of organic Apricot Butter.
Today’s evening event was Ocean Robbin’s book launch for his new book 31-Day Food Revolution. I had him on my show this week to talk about it. Now I would be seeing him live in Manhattan. The event was in a community room at someone’s apartment building. It was a lovely space. Ocean was on fire and gave an inspiring talk. I talked him and his organizers into having a late dinner at Candle Cafe afterwards. It was only three blocks away, we had to go!
Third Meal: We shared the Buffalo Crusted Cauliflower with Mesclun Greens and a Garlic-Cashew Dipping Sauce. There were four pieces. I had one and that was enough. It was bursting with flavor!

I chose the Balsamic Herb Grilled Portabello, with Zucchini, Onions, Roasted Red Peppers & Sauteed Spinach and a Mushroom Cashew Gravy. It was BIG FOOD and so good.

When I got home around midnight, I remembered the Green Juice I had defrosted. I enjoyed every sip, made with organic Kale, organic Collards, organic Mint, organic Red Cabbage, Ginger, organic Lemon, organic Celery, and organic Carrots. I had some work to do before going to sleep so all that good food had some time to digest.


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