What Vegans Eat – Day 1514


First Meal: My organic Red Lentil Stew was my choice for the first course.

While it heated, I took the food processor and grated an organic Red Cabbage, organic Kale, organic Red Onion and organic Apples. I took half of the Red Cabbage and made Sauerkraut. I took the rest and mixed in organic Coconut, organic Raisins and fresh organic Lemon Juice.

Second Meal: My first meal was very satisfying. All I craved was my regular berry treat. There was some leftover Berry Sauce from a few days ago when I made pancakes. I turned it into a shake, blending it with organic Soy Milk and organic Cocao Powder.

Third Meal: Today’s salad will go on for days. I took some of it and sautéed it with some organic Tempeh making a stir fry. It’s a salad! It’s a stir fry!


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