What Vegans Eat – Day 1517


First Meal: Since I didn’t finish all that I had planned on doing yesterday, today’s to-do list has more than originally planned. Gary comes home tomorrow morning and I want the apartment to be warm and welcoming. That means I need to clean it from top to bottom. I also have a book to read for my radio show on Tuesday and some other assignments to complete. Ready, set, go! Not wanting to clean another pot, I took the Pyrex dish storing the leftover Red Lentil Tomato soup out of the refrigerator and right into the oven to heat it up. At the same time I took another slice of frozen homemade bread out of the freezer and warmed it in the oven too. I threw some organic Oyster Mushrooms on top of the soup. When everything was cooked, I spread some organic Peanut Butter on the toast. It was a feast.

Second Meal: My next meal was a big, easy salad of organic Greens, organic Red Onions, organic Walnuts and organic Balsamic Vinegar. Keeping it as simple as possible I forgot to add an organic Tomato.

For dessert, an organic Apple was ideal. This is easy folks.

Third Meal: I am feeling very weary but most of my tasks are done. I put two Japanese Yams in the oven to cook and an hour later I devoured one of them. This is a perfect food. Sweet and delicious.


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