What Vegans Eat – Day 1603


First Meal: Ever since my dad died in 2017 I have had a few big projects on my list to complete at mom’s house. This week I am determined to finish one of them which is making the upstairs office into a guest room, complete with a real bed. Before leaving I went across the street to a local market to pick up Watermelon, Pineapple and Cherries for a family event at mom’s this Saturday. Next I was off to Toyota for some car maintenance work that was due. They have a nice waiting area. I packed an organic Green Juice and a big Salad to eat while I waited and worked on my computer.

Second Meal: At mom’s one of the first things I do is check her refrigerator and do a mental inventory of its contents. Then I prepare the foods that have been around long enough and cook them. Today it was frozen organic Spinach, organic Sweet Potatoes and organic White Potatoes.

We finished up the remaining Watermelon I brought her last week. I put a note on the new watermelon not to cut it open until Saturday for our family event.

A few days ago I was here with mom trying to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner that spewed rather than sucked. It was so aggravating! I tried cleaning it out and repairing it but failed. I ordered a new vacuum cleaner and used it today. I never enjoyed vacuuming so much! This machine got everything up and so easily. The mattress arrived and fit nicely in the frame my brother and I had put together on Saturday. Everything was coming together nicely. Mom lives in a community with a lovely outside pool and I wanted to treat myself and do some laps. It was getting late but I decided some lap swimming was in order. It was worth it.
Third Meal: After a long day of work the gods gifted me with a parking spot as soon as I arrived home. Then the GAD gifted me with a lovely dinner of Baked Tofu, Baked Potato Slices, and Salad. I add a little Red Cabbage Kraut to my plate. (GAD – is short for Gary Arthur De Mattei. He is GAD!)

Treat: A Berry Frozen Dessert was in order made with organic Mixed Berries, organic Banana, organic Soy Milk and organic Vanilla Extract.


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