What Vegans Eat – Day 1630


First Meal: We will only be here a few more days and there is not a lot of food remaining. We had a simple bowl of Rolled Oats with Raisins and Soy Milk, topped with a little Jam. I had made a big pot of Black Beans and took a bowl to eat after my cereal.

Second Meal: Gary’s reading of Bad Hemingway by the Bay took place at 7pm at Cafe Stritch. We got there at 5pm to set up. Afterwards we waited the guests showed up and took their seats. There was a great crowd surrounding the stage. Gary was hot! He portrays about 12 characters in this piece and it’s amazing to watch him in action. He is so, so good. I was running the sound effects and sang a few songs. After the show, the audience was asked to give feedback. I was blown away by the response. It seemed like nearly everyone had something to say. They were all moved by the piece. Gary and I were very wound up and hungry when we left the cafe. Gary’s cousin Nancy invited us to her home and she put out a great spread. I had a Brother Thelonious Ale.

There were leftover vegan/gluten-free birthday cupcakes, that Nancy had frozen after her birthday celebration. Nancy made a Black Bean Pasta and Zucchini Noodle (Zoodle) Salad that was very good.

At Gary’s brother-in-law’s birthday party a couple of weeks ago we tried these Lentil Turmeric vegan/gluten-free crackers and loved them. Nancy found them at Costco. I couldn’t stop eating them.

The crackers went well with the Hummus.

When we had enough savory food we chose our cupcakes and had them with Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream.


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