What Vegans Eat – Day 169


I was getting our GoOrganicNYC weekly delivery today. I like to make sure all the fresh produce from the previous week is eaten before getting a new delivery. Since Gary left a few days before I haven’t been able to finish everything we purchased last week. There were two big heads of collards and lots of carrots. I decided to steam the collards and planned on grazing on them them for the next few days. I sliced up a grapefruit and and made a pot of green tea. I let the green tea cool to drink later in the day, chilled. What is in the tea cup is the water leftover from steaming the collard greens! It’s full of vitamins and delicious to drink.
To use up some of the carrots I made a Creamy Carrot Bisque. Since it’s so hot, I let it cool before eating in. This is so easy and so good. I didn’t add any salt to it and it was full of flavor.
Daily Green Juice: Collards, Celery, Lime, Carrots and Ginger.
I was going out to see the Joey Alexander Trio, with my best friend’s daughter Kailin, a recent Cornell graduate, working in Manhattan. We thought there wouldn’t be time to eat before the concert so I grabbed 1/3 of a block of firm tofu and ate it, cold and plain, like cheese. I love it! When I was walking to the subway Kailin texted me that she would have time for dinner. I suggested meeting at Franchia, a favorite vegan Korean restaurant.
We started with the Spicy Steamed Wontons, thin wonton skin stuffed with veggie ‘chicken’, tofu and vegetables topped with spicy sauce. Oh they were good!
Ever since visiting South Korea for business many times in the late 90s, I have loved the vegan version of Bibimbop, a dish served with root vegetables on top of rice, served with a spicy bean paste. Franchia has many varieties and I got the most basic one, served in a stone bowl.
Kailin ordered the Pho. I love these big bowls of noodle soups but I think this one was lacking in all the vegetables that normally go with it.
We got a great table at the Jazz Standard right in the front center. I checked out the beer on tap.
The Ommegang, Fleur de Houblon, Belgian-style beer sounded great, a summer ale, with a fresh citrus flavor.
With quick check on Barnivore.com I happily confirmed that this beer was vegan.
The concert was amazing! If you have not heard of Joey Alexander, the 11-year-old prodigy, read about him on his website and watch the videos of him playing piano. I loved watching him play, not only with great skill, but with a wide range of emotion. I was a believer in reincarnation watching this child. There was a seasoned, jazz pianist inside his body in love with making art. Every moment was perfect, especially sipping on my Ommegang Fleur de Houblon.

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