What Vegans Eat – Day 188


Breakfast: It’s another hot day in NYC. It began with Rolled Oats, Frozen Blueberries (which defrost instantly in this weather), Flax Seeds and Coconut Milk. I mixed some ginger powder in with my tea for a Jasmine Ginger Tea.
Lunch: Half of the Stuffed Cabbage I made yesterday went into the freezer and I finished up what I didn’t freeze, sprinkling the top with “Dust”, Gary’s name for nutritional yeast.
Dinner: It was time to try the Creamy Cabbage Soup that I had made the day before. “Would you like a little fresh ground pepper on that?” said the server voice in my head. “Yes, I would!” I replied as I ground the pepper on top of the soup.
Evening: I was still hungry and grabbed a bowl of Split Pea Soup, cold, since it was brutally hot and humid. I sprinkled the top with more “Dust”.

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