What Vegans Eat, Day 19


I love tea. Lately I have been enjoying some of the lighter green and white tea varieties. We order mostly from Arbor Teas in bulk, organic, fair trade, loose leaf teas, which are proudly stored in tins in our tea drawer.
We were out of black tea for a short time and when our order arrived I could not wait for my morning breakfast cup. It was vanilla tea. Before preparing the tea I love to inhale its fragrance. The vanilla tea, which its rich bourbon perfume makes me giddy.
Breakfast: I got right to blogging about our fabulous day of eating the day before (See What Vegans Eat – Day 18) including our magical dinner at Candle Cafe West. After all that rich eating, we enjoyed our tea with oranges along with mashed bananas and peanut butter on toast, a favorite in our house.
Lunch: As an activist, there are no official days off. I continued to work most of the day on Responsible Eating And Living projects. What I enjoy is being so focused on something that I don’t stop until hunger takes over. This way I love my food so much more. Simple foods, like some leftover Hearty Lentil And Celery Root Stew and the sweetest of baked sweet potatoes, are best.
Then it was back to work.
Dinner: Later in the evening it was time to relax. I heated up the Miso Vegetable soup from the day before and enjoyed it sitting on the couch while watching a movie. I sipped on my Daily Green Juice of kale, collards, celery, lemon and lime.
Gary had secretly prepared a delicious treat by melting some chocolate with coconut milk. It was a mousse-like brownie, served up with Teeccino and it put a sweet finish on the end of another day.

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