What Vegans Eat – Day 192


Brunch: I had set a pot of chickpeas to soak the night before, rinsed them and started cooking them in the morning. They were done quickly. We had some Chai Tea and enjoyed the quiet of the morning. It was late when we had our first meal, which included what I am calling a Beandae, chickpeas with a tahini sauce, nutritional yeast sprinkles, topped with hot sauce. We were hungry and finished up the Buckwheat Waffles I had froze with Apricot Butter and the Spinach Frittata we had for dinner the night before.
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots, Lemon, Ginger
Dinner: I’ve been enjoying my different meals with cabbage and now that Gary’s back at home he took his turn. He made a Ginger Cabbage Noodle Stir Fry with Baked Tofu. It was Cabbage by Candlelight, eating out on the terrace on another hot night. Scrumptious!
Evening: We were burning the midnight oil, working on our projects and Gary kept us cool and fueled with Strawberry Smoothies!
There was just a small piece of the last Flourless Chocolate Cupcake. We shared it with some Teeccino.

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