What Vegans Eat – Day 244


Breakfast: Gary was off to acting class at HB Studio. I drank some English Breakfast tea with soy milk that he had prepared before leaving and got to work making what I call the “Everything’s Go To Go” smoothie. I like to clear our the produce when getting a new delivery the next day. I used up all the kale stems that had been collected over the last few days along with the remaining parsley and blended it up with water, some celery, a banana, cocoa powder, maca powder, shredded coconut and tahini. I didn’t have anymore fruit to sweeten it up. I don’t think this blend is for everyone! I enjoyed it, but I have an appreciation for the bitter flavor in greens. I made two jars, saving one for Gary. When he came home he was brave and had half of his portion and left the rest for me.
Lunch: I had soaked some pink lentils that morning. They don’t need to be soaked because they cook so quickly but I thought it would be better if I did. They are my favorite lentil. I could eat them plain but we had them in a creamy soup with onions, celery and spices.
We also had a chopped salad with scallions, celery, black olives on romaine lettuce.
We got a delivery from Vitacost. Here’s what was in the box: organic raw almonds, all-purpose gluten-free flour, evaporated cane juice, agar powder. These are some necessary ingredients for a new food show we’ll be filming later this week. Also pictured are the Veggie Bites from Zippy’s that I was sampling for my radio show.
Dinner: This meal was quick, simple and good – more lentil soup and lots of it.

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