What Vegans Eat – Day 336


Breakfast: One of my favorite breakfasts, cold rolled oats topped with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, plump blueberries and soy milk. Served with Bai Mu Dan tea.
Dinner: We were invited to Dr. Michael Greger‘s book launch party for his New York Times best-seller How Not To Die at the home of co-author, Gene Stone. The party was expertly organized by Anne Sullivan. There was lots of great food including Beyond Sushi platters, steamed and raw veggies with hummus and salsa, pita wedges and chips, chocolate treats by Fran Costigan and beer and wine. I had a Sierra Nevada.
While happily noshing on tasty morsels Gary and I mingled with Fran Costigan Vegan Pastry Chef, Mark Langley, Jody Rasch, Ann Parkin, Amy Trakinski, David Coman-Hidy, Jon Camp, Jasmin Singer, Mariann Sullivan, Lori Majewski, Nilesh Zacharias, Christine Wong, Christopher Liptrot, Nell Alk, Demetrius Bagley, Gene Baur, John Bartlett, Liz Dee and more. Here are 2 pictures of me and Dr. Michael Greger, the first from about 12 years ago (I am guessing) and the other from this party. A recurring theme here seems to be guacamole!

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