What Vegans Eat – Day 346


Breakfast: Rolled Oats Oatmeal for this morning’s breakfast got an A+, cooked with Apples plus Apricots.
Lunch: Working from home has its benefits but it can often keep you inside. We decided to take a walk and go out for lunch. Since the big snow storm was to arrive the next day it was another good reason to get outside while we could. We headed to Green Zenphony, our favorite veg restaurant in the neighborhood, for their lunch specials, which started with soup. Gary got the Wonton and I ordered Hot and Sour.
Gary tried the Sesame Whole Wheat Seitan dish.
I had the Triple Mushroom with Bean Curd Deluxe.
While in the same neighborhood, we went into the Queens Bazaar. Our name for this store is Thangod because the owner frequently responds to many comments by saying “Thangod.” This is a small grocery shop with lots of fun and interesting items from the Middle East. We always buy our olives there, along with tahini and sometimes, as a treat, Medjool Dates from Israel. They are soft “like buttah” and sweet like caramel. The olives are in bulk and you put what you want in plastic containers. When we get home the olives always get transferred to glass before storing them in refrigerator.
Daily Green Juice: Kale Collards, Celery, Lemon, Ginger
Dinner: My 89-year-old neighbor gave a box of baby organic kale as a gift. We had a Baby Kale Salad with Seed Caesar Dressing, the remaining Baba Ganoush, Raw Carrots, Avocado, the leftover JackFruit stack and olives,of course.
Evening: We shared a banana along with some Vanilla Almond Tea followed by Peppermint Tea.

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