What Vegans Eat – Day 36


It was St. Paddy’s Day, which for us means a day to do fun things with food. It’s all about Ireland and the “wearing of the green” – or eating of the green… and orange of course. The Irish flag is symbolic of its history with green representing the Gaelic tradition of Ireland, orange representing the followers of William of Orange in Ireland, and white representing the aspiration for peace between them. For Ireland and St. Paddy’s day we are eating green and orange foods!
Breakfast: Sautéed Kale and Collards with Onions, Millet and Sweet Potatoes came together in this savory tribute to the Irish flag served with Green Genmaicha Tea.
Lunch: The Green and Orange theme continue with a soup of green split peas and orange carrots and our secret flavorings and spices! It was so good and we ate so much of it I never thought I would want to eat again!
Dinner: All during our post-production process for the third episode of the REAL Good News in Review, Gary, the most creative chef I know, was thinking of what he wanted to make for St. Paddy’s Day dinner: Corned “Bean” and Cabbage with Potatoes! He’s a genius!!
The problem was we were still stuffed from lunch. We sampled everything and then packed it away for leftovers. I can’t wait until I am hungry enough to dig in to this incredible creation.
Evening: Every night needs a good wrap up and something slightly sweet on the palate for sweet dreams. We had Teeccino with a quick Gorp I put together with chocolate chips, coconut and green pumpkin seeds.

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