What Vegans Eat – Day 369: Late Afternoon of No Consequence


Breakfast: Happy Valentine’s Day. I was served Vanilla Black Tea in bed! Thank you Gary. When I got up I was served some oatmeal which I decorated appropriately with Raspberry Apple Coulis for the occasion.
Lunch: Our friends Eytan and Rosie were coming over. We had not seen them in a long time. When I asked Rosie what she wanted to do she suggested “a late afternoon of no consequence” just chatting and catching up. I loved the way that sounded. We made a few things to nibble on. To begin, as promised in our Tune In Love for Valentine’s Day post I made fresh bread and Gary made the roasted garlic.
He also made his classic Tempeh Bacon.
I made a quick Tahini Dressing to go with crudités.
I knew Rosie didn’t like soup and that gave me an idea to take the ingredients of one of my favorite soup recipes and make a paté instead: Carrot Lentil Paté.
Here is the table all put together with cut up fresh pineapple, mixed olives, champagne and red wine. The foods were all very simple and perfect for our afternoon. Eytan was thrilled to see the roasted garlic, reminiscing when he used to make it in his ceramic garlic roaster. A little wine, a little garlic spread on bread, a little wine…
I have know Eytan for over 30 years. We met when we both worked in the Semiconductor industry. Whenever we get together we mourn the loss of Carla Loth, a fried and colleague who died of breast cancer in 1994. We share the same stories each time we get together and Carla comes alive for us. She was a dynamic, brilliant, strong-minded individual who died too young. We miss you Carla!
As our late afternoon turned to evening we had Flourless Chocolate Cake which I served with Vanilla Black Tea.
Evening: After the guests left and we cleaned up we munched a little on the leftovers. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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