What Vegans Eat – Day 38


Breakfast: We don’t eat a lot of bread. We typically keep a loaf of Sprouted Grain Bread in the freezer and it lasts a long time. But when one has Corned “Bean,” you have to make sandwiches. So I had bought a loaf of rye bread the day before. And it called me this day at breakfast. We had peanut butter and apricot jam sandwiches on rye. Wow! So good. The kids (Gary and I) were happy.
Lunch: Leftover split pea soup and potato salad were joined with a fresh kale salad and served with Oolong iced tea.
Wrapping up our post-production work on the third episode of the Transition Kitchen, it was time for a celebration. A toast, with Stella Artois, followed by my daily green juice of kale, collards, celery and lemon.
Dinner: After editing our segment on Simple Veggie Cuisine we had to have some of their food! We treated ourselves to ordering in and got the Spare Ribs, The Lion Head, Chinese Broccoli and Brown Rice.
I love Chinese Food, but it can be a little salty for me. I drank a lot of Rooibos Almond Vanilla Tea followed by some Peppermint Tea until it was time for bed.

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