What Vegans Eat – Day 40


And just like that, the What Vegans Eat blog turns 40. Forty days and forty nights of good vegan eating. Are you getting a feel for how easy and delicious this can be yet?

Breakfast: Early to bed again, like 2am and early to rise. We go to sleep thinking our project is just about complete only to wake and realize there are little things that need tweaking. Ah the curse of perfectionism. It’s not perfectionism actually. Nothing is ever perfect. But we are driven to do what we can within our means to create something wonderful. Gary was up earlier than me, inspired to make a new vegan French toast recipe before getting back to the final edits of our current project. He knew that I would be wanting something savory and a little less decadent and he sautéed some collards with onions and baked potato fries for me.
But his creation smelled too good not to try so I had a slice of this delicious treat to send me back to my computer screen with a sweet taste lingering on my tongue.
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collard Greens, Celery, Lemon
Dinner: Editing takes a lot of patience, especially when you think you are finished and you spend a day doing more “finishing”. The hours pass quickly and you don’t stop until you get hungry or until you realize you are really hungry. I thought ahead and had soaked a pot of beans the night before and had them cooking during the day. Gary did more magic in the kitchen and created this Black Bean Casserole with Polenta served with Corn Tortillas. The Polenta cooked in with the beans, along with tomatoes and spices, and gave the casserole a creamy, cheesy flavor and texture.
Evening: I came back for seconds on the Black Bean Casserole followed by Peppermint Tea.

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