What Vegans Eat – Day 437


Breakfast: It’s my Birthday! It’s Earth Day! We slept in late. This was my day and I was not doing any work. Not today. I happily read all the good wishes sent to me on Facebook. That was fun. We got up and walked to the Red Pipe Organic Cafe. We thought we’d have some tea and a vegan baked good but they were out of vegan baked items and were expecting a delivery. We sat and enjoyed Chai Tea with Coconut Milk and checked our phones… there were more birthday messages. Yay! I soaked in the love.
Lunch: Walking home we passed the new Shake Shack that will be opening soon. I dream of them one day serving an all vegan menu. That got me in the mood for something. I requested a birthday lunch of Easy Spinach Frittata (made with kale this time), Sweet Potatoes Fries and a Vanilla Shake (made with coconut milk, banana and vanilla). The Frittata is always a work of art.
The shake was spectacular too. Best meal ever, thanks Gary! Happy Birthday to me.
22april -brunch
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots.
Dinner: We were off to the family sedar. We came prepared with a few dishes: Matzo Ball Soup.
Vegan Gefilte Fish (which was a hit).
Flourless Chocolate Birthday Cake.
Evening: We got home late. It was time to catch up on the last of my Facebook birthday messages and relax. Gary made me a Manhattan.
All of a sudden I became ravenous and finished up the Frittata and Fries from lunch. It was a happy birthday.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Caryn! So glad you had a great day (thanks for that vanilla shake recipe…on my list for tomorrow!) AND that your blood work came back okay. I was thinking about you with recent travels.

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