What Vegans Eat – Day 449


Breakfast: It’s just another day at the Food Revolution Summit. And that simply means another day of FANTASTIC, INSPIRING INFORMATION. Are you tuning in? I enjoyed a wonderful bowl of Breakfast Polenta with warm Coconut milk.
Lunch: After 3 hours plus concentrating on the summit I looked to Gary and said we needed to get out. We had not been to Green Zenphony in a while and it was time to go. I was happy to discover that they have fresh vegetables juices. Instead of my daily green juice I got a Purple Cabbage Juice with Lemon. Delicious! We both ordered our favorite bowls of soup – Roasted Veggie Duck and Roasted Veggie Pork Noodle Soups.
And the Stir Fried Pea Pod Leaves are a must-have!
Dinner: Leftover Roasted Red Pepper Cauliflower Torte was served topped with Guacamole, Nutritional Yeast and Organic Valley Sriracha.

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