What Vegans Eat – Day 46


Breakfast: I left the apartment early to mail a grant submission at the post office. On the way home I stopped in a supermarket that I never go in – Key Foods. We needed some fruit and I thought I would look and see what kind of organic produce they had. I was in luck. I found beautiful organic bartlett pears for $1.69/lb! This was a deal, and it was breakfast. We had pears with the lemon poppy seed muffins I had made the day before along with jasmine tea.
We were extremely tired from weeks of work and this was a day off. I managed to get a little energy together to reheat the mung bean soup and chop some raw collard leaves and toss them into salad with some Seed Caesar Dressing.
Evening: The original plan was to meet Bonnie and Karl in Manhattan for dinner. They were visiting from Maryland for the weekend. Gary and I got dressed and realized as we were almost at the door to leave that we were just to tired to do anything so we canceled and took a little nap. Bonnie and Karl stopped by after dinner. We made big bowls of air popped popcorn and Tahitian Vanilla tea with coconut milk.
Really Late Evening: I had my daily green juice of kale, collards, celery, cabbage and lemon and finished up the popcorn. I created a chocolate sauce the night before that was so good I made a lot more of it and served it over soy ice cream. A sundae for a fun day.

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