What Vegans Eat – Day 489: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: “Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies.” I’ll never forget that silly line, the title of Mary Engelbreit’s 1992 book of pleasant thoughts and gentle reminders to look on the bright side that I had received once on a greeting card. It was the obvious twist on the phrase “Life is just a bowl of cherries” and it tickled me when I first saw it. Here is my bowl of Cherries, and Red Grapes for the morning.
Lunch: We went to visit Gary’s dad, who will be celebrating his 91st birthday later this month. We had lunch at Khahn’s. I ordered the Tofu and Lemongrass. It was really lemongrassy! I love LEMONGRASS.
Gary got the Spring Rolls. He didn’t finish them since he had had a big bowl of oats for breakfast earlier. I finished them up with Jasmine Tea.
Tea break: We are hitting all the favorite spots while here in the Bay Area and Roy’s Staion in Japantown is one of them. I had the Mate Chino with Steam Soy.
Dinner: We had a Smorgasbord for dinner – basically nibbling at what was around in the pool house. For me that consisted of a handle of raw Almonds, two Medjool Dates, and a green Apple.
I also finished up the Quinoa And Avocado Maki that I made the night before.
Evening: There is a Rooibos and Dried Fruit tea here in the pool house which I believe is from Teavana. I don’t know what they call it but we had some and it’s good.

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