What Vegans Eat – Day 49


Breakfast: I was not hungry, just really thirsty and I went with Bai Mu Dan white tea.
Late Lunch: It’s Peazza time. With leftover mashed potatoes, peas and tomato sauce, Gary made a gluten-free quick pizza dough and topped it with the leftovers. Genius! It was very filling with leftovers to munch on later in the day.
Daily Green Juice: Kale, collards, cabbage, celery and lemon.
Evening: I had planned to make my vegan Gefilte fish recipe I had created last year. I wanted to test it out before Passover this weekend. It’s always fun to follow your own recipe when you don’t remember it and you ask yourself, “what did she, I mean, I, mean by that?” Fortunately it all worked out and the taste was better than I remembered them to be last year. A winner!
I finished the last of our chocolate sauce and mini buckwheat chocolate cakes. No more treats for a while!

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