What Vegans Eat – Day 503: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: Rolled Oats for breakfast! Hurray! I missed them when a few days go by without oats. We had them cold, with Soy Milk, Pears and Raisins, served with sliced Grapefruit and Irish Breakfast Tea.
Tea Break: The remaining hot tea from the morning became Iced Tea with Lemon for a cool break in the afternoon.
Simple and light – we had one big bowl of Sliced Tomatoes mixed with Red Onions, Chick Peas and freshly picked Basil plus a bowl of Guacamole to fill Sprouted Corn Tortillas and Romaine Lettuce Wraps. It was fun and filling.
Our meal intentionally left just enough room for leftover vegan birthday CAKE!
Evening: We popped a batch of Organic Popping Corn in a classic Waring Air Popper (circa 1970’s) and we watched one of Gary’s favorite movies on HBO GO; the 1999 Paul Thomas Anderson film, Magnolia. It stars the late-great Philip Seymour Hoffman and a whole slew of other phenomenal actors including a fine performance by Tom Cruise. Gary had dried cherries and unsalted dry roasted peanuts with his air pop and he said it was an excellent combination and I should try it but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the movie which is over three hours long. Such a dark film. Before we went to bed I asked Gary to tell me something uplifting to take my mind off of the depressing subject matter of the movie, and he said, “All of the actors were paid to tell you a story. Did you believe them? If so, then each of them did their job well.” He has a way of putting things into perspective. And I did believe them all. I especially believed Philip Seymour Hoffman which depressed me even further because he died too soon. I’ll pick tomorrow night’s extra curricular activities.

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