What Vegans Eat – Day 529: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: We’ve been eating a lot of Steel Cut Oats lately. As the morning temperature started to rise we decided to go with something cool – Rolled Oats with Soy Milk, Raisins, Almonds and Bananas. The Irish Breakfast Tea was hot, but I let it cool down before drinking.
Later in the morning to stay hydrated, the Sharlyn Melon did the trick.
Lunch: We were invited to a birthday party at Seascape. When I accepted the invitation I was happy to see there were boxes to check for your meal choice with one entitled VEGETABLE. We opted for that choice. Then I began to daydream and imagine what VEGETABLE might mean. It didn’t clarify vegetarian or vegan or anything really. I thought back to the many big parties I had gone to over the years. If I was lucky to get a vegetarian choice it was typically a pasta dish. I am not a fan of pasta – we don’t eat refined flour noodles very often. I thought if we were served a pasta dish at Seascape I would write a sarcastic letter thanking the chefs for their imagination in creating such an unusual dish, mentioning the hundreds of new vegan cookbooks being published all the time, asking how they were able to come up with something so divine.

We got in the car in Monte Sereno to go to Aptos. We could not get out of the neighborhood, the traffic was backed up on all the little residential roads to get to Highway 17. Our planned 30-minute trip was going to be longer and hotter. We didn’t want to keep the car air conditioner running while the car wasn’t moving. As the cars progressed slowly we were happy when we reached a bit of shade. Hot! Hot! Hot! Gary made a quick decision to detour from the “short cut” to Highway 17 and it paid off. We were on the Highway in no time. The traffic moved slowly, but it was moving. It took over an hour to get to Aptos, but since we planned for traffic we were an hour early. I thought about my imaginary pasta dish that might be served later on and Gary and I decided to stop at Dharma’s as a precaution. Gary ordered the Tostado, which was really a big beautiful Green Salad set upon a Corn Tortilla.
I got the Burrito Bueno which was a simple burrito made of Refried Beans, Brown Rice and Guacamole, served with a big salad. I was happy with my choice. It was one of the more reasonably priced items on the menu and not as salty as some of the other dishes. We both order the Red Zinger Iced Tea which was delightfully refreshing. I hadn’t had Red Zinger in ages and I discovered I liked it a lot more cold than hot.
Dinner: At the party when it was time to sit down for dinner I got the attention of one of the servers, Lisa. I explained we were vegan and that was all I needed to say! She got it right away and was on top of it for the entire the meal service. When another server was about to place salads with hard boiled egg and bacon bits in front of us, Lisa was right there with vegan versions, along with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar bottles on the side. This salad was light and fresh with Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes and White Mushrooms. Gary gave me all of his mushrooms. We weren’t hungry at all since we had a big late lunch, but wanted to show appreciation for what was prepared for us. We ate slowly and enjoyed it.
When the main dish was served I had to eat my words in addition to the delicious food on my plate. The Seascape chefs knew what they were doing when it came to vegan food. No pasta! We were served a stunning dish – a stack consisting of Cauliflower Steak piled with Spinach and Eggplant Slices on top and a Roasted Caramelized Onion, set in a rich Roasted Red Pepper Curry Sauce and garnished with Micro Greens and Pistachios. Well done!
Evening: After a bit of traffic on the way back to Monte Sereno we arrived at the pool house. We made some Chamomile Tea that we had with Dark Chocolate Chips and Raisins.

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