What Vegans Eat – Day 563


Breakfast: We are celebrating Real Foods Sesame Corn Thins. They have been around a while but we just discovered them during our 3-month stay in Northern California. I learned about them when I had dinner with John and Deo Robbins at their home. Gary and I are now hooked on them. Making my first Vitacost order since returning to New York, Gary reminded me to look for Corn Thins. They had them, and now we do. Corn Thins make a happy breakfast with Peanut Butter, Apricot Butter, Cantaloupe, Bananas and Oranges.
Lunch: With the heat and work activities Gary and I were on different feeding schedules! I was hungry and reheated the Miso Soup I had made the day before and finished up the Cantaloupe from breakfast.
Daily Green Juice: We have planned to forgo juice making until Tuesday when we get our GoOrganicNYC delivery. In the meantime, we are frequenting Ripe Juice Bar and Grill for the Achilles Green Juice.
Dinner: Dinner is new again with yesterday’s Black and Red Rices now merged with the Green Peas, plus Gary’s fabulous Tomato White Wine Sauce, his modified Chipotle Sauce and a fresh batch of Baked Tofu and Sprouted Corn Tortillas.
Doesn’t beer sound good with this dinner mix? Yeah, we thought so too. We shared a bottle of Samuel Smith’s India Ale. And yeah, it’s vegan.

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