What Vegans Eat – Day 739: Travel Edition


Breakfast: We got up in the morning and prepared our bags for the day’s long rehearsal. We’ve been getting very creative with Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Wraps in the last week or so. This morning Gary made a new wrap with Field Roast Smoked Tomato Deli Slices, Lettuce, Dijon Mustard. I had a few for breakfast and packed the rest up for lunch during rehearsal breaks, along with Bananas, Oranges, Peanuts and Raisins. We stopped at Starbucks for English Breakfast Tea with Soy Milk.
Snack: One of our cast members, Sara, brought us a super treat – Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes. Sweet!
Dinner: We had planned to go to San Francisco to have dinner with our friends Nancy and Jane. I was really looking forward to it. At the end of the rehearsal, we discovered that all the building locks were being changed and no one had the new keys! We made a bunch of phone calls and after a couple of hours we got everything straightened out. Unfortunately it was too late to head to San Francisco so we made our way back to the pool house where we are staying. We were tired and hungry! The Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas were brought back for dinner, this time as another variation on the Quesadilla, with Red Lentils, Dijon Mustard, Nutritional Yeast and Arugula spread on one tortilla and topped with another, heated for a few minutes and sliced into triangles. It’s another winner, creamy, flavorful and gooey!
Evening: We finished up with Sliced Oranges and Peppermint tea.

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