What Vegans Eat – Day 770


Breakfast: We are not early risers. This was clear when I had to get up at 6am for my annual physical. I scheduled it months ago thinking if I got there early, I would not have to wait long. I was right about that, I got there at 8am and was in and out very quickly. But I suffered the entire day from missing a couple of hours of necessary sleep. When I got home, it was our normal time for breakfast. I wanted a bowl of something creamy and comforting, like oatmeal or grits. I knew there was a little leftover Roasted Mashed Cauliflower and thought it fit that creamy and comforting description nicely. I warmed it up and enjoyed it with Vanilla Black Tea and Coconut Milk.
Lunch: With all the wonderful foods we had prepared that were ready to go in the refrigerator, Gary craved simple Millet. He cooked some with Coconut Milk and Apples for lunch.
Snack: We have snacks in the house, so I am eating them. Fortunately these are the good-for-you kind Roasted Chickpeas. We made two batches this weekend, one baked for 35 minutes and another for 45 minutes. I liked the ones that are baked longer and are dry and crunchy.
Dinner: This evening I focused on the clearing out of leftovers from this weekend’s cooking extravaganza. I had a big bowl of Salsa (fresh tomatoes, Green Onions and Basil) with Garbanzo Beans.
Then we worked on finished the Roasted Root Salad.
There was a bowl of Pesto that was calling me from the refrigerator. Gary warmed up some Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas. I had the pesto on mine and he rolled up Avocado and Tomatoes in his.
Evening: I got an email from my doctor’s office noting that my online chart had been updated. My morning’s blood results were in. That was fast! I opened it with very mild trepidation. The results from my ovarian cancer marker would be there. Nine. N – I – N – E. 9! I am a nine! My CA125 result is a nine. And in this world, a nine is even better than a ten. The test limit is 35, but I am happiest with single digit results. It’s been 10 1/2 years since my cancer diagnosis and about 9 1/2 years from finishing all medical treatment. We celebrated this evening’s good news with Ginger – Ginger Chews (distributed by Trader Joe’s, or called Gin Gins in other stores) by the Ginger People and Ginger Chili Tisane from Arbor Teas. Ginger Chews are hot with a mild sweetness. The candy and tea go great together. And afterwards I had a frozen/raw Lemon Cheesecake Cookie.

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  1. I like the many kinds of tortillas that are out there now. It is one of my favorite foods, so having healthy options is great!
    great read. Now I want to go make fresh salsa!

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