What Vegans Eat – Day 780


Breakfast: It surprises me that I don’t make Buckwheaties more often because when they are around, I eat them up! I had them again with berries, soy milk and Vanilla Black Tea.
Dinner: Mm, Gary made a special Friday night dinner with Roasted Tofu! That’s our version of a home cooked chicken dinner. And now that we have Artisan Organics Tahini, our Kale Salad was spectacular with a simple Tahini Dressing, we haven’t had this in so long. The plate was complete with Baked Sweet Potatoes, leftover White Bean Hummus and French Herbed Flax Crackers.
Evening: Later in the evening we celebrated having Corn Thins in the house with a couple spread with Peanut Butter, Tahini and Apricot Butter. We had it with Teeccino and Frothy Soy Milk heavily dusted with Cinnamon.

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