What Vegans Eat – Day 794


Breakfast: It’s one of those catch up and clean up days. We were planning on going to my parent’s home later in the afternoon and staying over. I wanted to get as much work done as I could beforehand. And clean out the refrigerator of the last of this week’s food. Gary served up the last of the Baked Apples with a Millet and Raisin Cereal he made from the cooked Millet we had a couple of nights ago. He grated some fresh nutmeg on it all. We had it with Vanilla Black Tea and our morning unsweetened Cherry Juice. It was one of the best breakfasts ever.
There was one head of Kale left and a little bit of Arugula. I was making a giant salad. I toss it with the Little Seed Caesar dressing and ate as much as I could. The rest would have to wait for when we returned tomorrow.
Dinner: When we arrive at my parents’ home there is always fresh fruit to nosh on. My mom used to cook a lot. She’s slowed down quite a bit but she always find the energy to cut fruit and have it for her guests.
There are not many places that Gary and I can eat at with my parents. We are all picky eaters for different reasons. Jani’s is one place we can all agree on. They offer a straightforward menu of Chinese, Japanese & sushi offerings served in a utilitarian setting. There is something for everyone. I ordered the Mixed Vegetables and Gary got the Triple Green Delight with Broccoli, Pea Pods and String Beans. We both got our dishes steamed with Baked Tofu and Brown Rice. It’s safe when the food is steamed, since we don’t know what’s in their sauces and everything is always too salty. The vegetables were colorful and crunchy.
Evening: Back at my parent’s house we settled in with some Mint tea and watched a little of Real Time with Bill Maher.

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