What Vegans Eat – Day 871, Travel Edition


Breakfast: It was time to say goodbye to Palo Alto. I wanted to go on one last walk on the Stanford Dish Trail. We did it almost every day this week. Before we left I made a giant Kale Salad using up the two heads of Kale we had left, along with Red Onion, Apples and Blueberries. I chopped up a Zucchini from Gary’s counsin Nancy’s garden and steamed it with the remaining Red Onions. I massaged the kale with lots of fresh Lemon Juice and an Avocado. This Kale was tough and I massaged it a lot longer than I normally to to soften it up. When we got back from our walk which takes an hour and 45 minutes we were ready to eat. Half way through I remembered we had Kalamata Olives. I added them in and it made the salad more delicious.
Lunch: After packing an driving down to San Jose we settled in. There was a small amount of So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Cream in the freezer. I rarely do this, but I took it out and ate it for lunch, right out of the container. Gary had a small bowl of Almonds and Raisins. Then we went out and shopped for food!
Dinner: For our first night here in San Jose, we made our classic at-home-meal-while-traveling: Black Beans with Corn, Onions and Tomatoes, with Guacamole and Corn Tortillas. We share some Anchor Steam. It was very satisfying and I gave thanks to the Mexicans for creating one of my favorite food combinations!
Evening: We have access to Netflix here so we settled in to watch a movie. Okja was just released two days ago and I had read something on Facebook that recommended it. We had no idea what it was about and love every minute of it. You must see this film! We ate a few Ginger Chews while watching.

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