What Vegans Eat – Day 875, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Can you tell what is different today about our Oats breakfast? It’s Steel Cut Oats this time cooked with Raisins and topped with Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries and Chia Seeds.
Lunch: Last week we stayed in Palo Alto with our friend Roswitha. She had planned a 4th of July Brunch which was to be followed by her street’s block party. We brought a Raw Fruit Tart. I was making up this recipe in my head the last few days and I was excited to take it out of my head and onto the tart tin. I can’t believe how good it was. The raw cacao nibs blending into the fruit and nut crust was so good. We left the party with an empty pie tin. All gone.
Dinner: Gary’s brother Mark and sister-in-law Tammy invited us up to their house for dinner and to watch the fireworks from their deck. We picked up some FieldRoast Frankfurters on the way over. It’s the 4th of July – you have to have dogs, right? Gary made himself at home in the kitchen. He made guacamole. I dipped the carrots in it.
Next he made a beautiful basket of zucchini, red onions and peppers that were barbecued.
I brought the Kale Salad I had made yesterday. There was Quinoa too. Here’s my holiday plate.
Evening: After squinting our eyes to watch the fireworks over the trees from afar, and then watching the prerecording celebration in NYC on the TV, we toasted vegan Marshmallows on the fire. There was Trader Joe’s Soy Cream Cherry Chocolate Chip. It was so sweet that they thought to get these treats for us. Too sweet in fact. These foods are getting too sweet for us, as we eat them less often. Still I am glad they are available.

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