What Vegans Eat – Day 886


Breakfast: There’s a two drink minimum at our house. Two drinks for breakfast! I’ve been making a tart Cherry drink with concentrated Cherry Juice and water. Plus, I make a big bottle of cold brewed tea to enjoy all day long. Today, I made Bai Mu Dan. There is something wonderful about cold brewing teas, especially the green and white ones. You get a subtle sweetness and no bitterness.
We weren’t hungry just yet for big food. We enjoyed a leisurely Saturday morning reading the Sunday Times and this months Vanity Fair while each having a half of Pink Grapefruit. Gary made his Soy Milk froth for his Teeccino.
Lunch: After coming back from our long walk, Gary made a Tofu Scramble, with Red Onions and a little Almond Yogurt mixed in. He was in the mood for light flavors and didn’t want to add spices. He didn’t want to drink spices either when I offer him some Rooibos Iced Chai. He preferred Water and Lemon. We have lots of options at our house! He served the scramble with gluten-free English Muffins. I added Mushrooms to my scramble.
We burned a lot of calories on our walk and needed more food. We had the Mac N Cheese from yesterday. It was as good as yesterday, maybe better.
Daily Green Juice: Kale with Lemon
Dinner: I had soaked some chia seeds in the morning and never ate them. I had them with a small bowl of Split Pea Soup. And odd combination, but I liked it.

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