What Vegans Eat – Day 907


Breakfast: We don’t have a typical work week. Since we mostly work from home, we work all the time! There is not much different between a weekday and a weekend day. Still I like to make special breakfasts on the weekend. This morning I was in the mood for pancakes. I also wanted to work with adding aquafaba to the batter. I made a new recipe which didn’t turn out as I expected; instead of pancakes, I made crêpes. The aqaufaba added a nice airiness to them. I’ll make these again. Here is my new Sourdough Crêpes recipe. It’s gluten-free. I topped mine with Blueberry Coulis, Fig Butter and Almond Yogurt.
I made one big crepes for Gary. He spread the Fig Butter inside, rolled it up and topped it with Blueberries and Yogurt.
Dinner: After today’s long walk we came home ravenous. But first we needed to hydrate. I thought I would never satisfy my thirst. But after a few apple slices and some cold-brewed Chamomile/Lemon/Hibiscus tea I was fine. Gary made a two-headed Kale Salad with a Tahini/Balsamic Vinegar Dressing, Garbanzo Beans, Baked Tofu, Red Onion and Walnuts. I made the shakes to go with it with Strawberries, Bananas, Water, a little Vanilla and ice.
Evening: We had picked up some sweet Cantaloupes on the way home for our walk and cut one up for our evening treat.

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