What Vegans Eat – Day 924


Breakfast: Yup, Cantaloupe for breakfast again. I love it. At 99 cents it’s a deal and so good. I love eating local and in season!
Lunch: I had a small bowl of Mung Bean Dal. It’s hot and humid and I ate it cold. It hit the spot.
Dinner: We took our long walk and then decided we should go to Green Zenphony. It’s too hot and humid to cook. I started with a cool Cabbage/Lemon Juice.
Gary got the Veggie Pork Ribs. He always says they are better than the Animal Ribs he used to get at a restaurant in California he used to frequent.
I love trying new things and Green Zenphony never disappoints! I tried the Soy Fish in Clay Pot. It’s my new favorite! You’ll see this one again.
They are sweet at Green Zenphony and gave us Watermelon Slices for dessert.
Evening: We had Strawberry Banana Smoothies for a sweet finish for the day.

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