What Vegans Eat – Day 952


Breakfast: It was going to be a long, intense and draining day. I prepared the perfect cup of tea, an organic Irish Breakfast and served it in my favorite China tea cup. I sat in the early morning quiet to absorb as much calming peace as I could to prepare for the day ahead. Gary bottled up the remaining tea for me to bring on my day’s journey.
I finished the remainder of the Two Kind Mushroom Congee I made a few days ago with Brown, Red and Black Rices, Shiitake and Porcini Mushrooms and lots of Ginger.
Lunch: I was taking my dad to a clinic for a medical procedure. It was not going to be difficult or painful, just time-consuming, taking about 4 hours. I insisted, for many reasons, that my mom stay home. I think that made her feel a bit useless, so she immediately kicked in to her old motherly way of insisting I eat. It was a little early for lunch but I took a bowl of the leftover salad she had prepared yesterday. I smiled as I looked at the ingredients. Over the phone, I had recommended making a salad yesterday and told her what ingredients to add. They were all there: Spinach, Tomatoes, Garbanzo Beans, Apples and Olives. I splashed it with Balsamic Vinegar.
Snack: At the clinic I was glad to have brought two Apples along. I needed them.
Dinner: There was little food in the house. I made a mental note to go grocery shopping in the morning for them. My dad was very tired after his procedure and not up for going out. He wanted pasta with Victoria’s Sauce. There was an opened jar with about 1/2 to 3/4 cups of sauce in the refrigerator. I cooked a pound of pasta and heated the sauce. I also took some leftover cooked Broccoli and Potatoes and reheated them with a can of Black Beans and some Red Onion. Then I made a salad with Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Shredded Carrots and Apples. I took a portion of the pasta for my dad and topped it with the sauce. That was all he wanted. My mom and I enjoyed the salad and the bean stew. She took a little pasta too and had it with some vegan butter.

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