What Vegans Eat – Day 978, Travel Edition


Breakfast: We weren’t hungry when we got up. We went down to breakfast at the hotel for some tea and then to the gym to workout. Afterwards we got on the road to head back to Monte Sereno. Fortunately the air was clear all the way back. I made my breakfast while Gary drove: Rolled Oats, Raisins, Peanuts, Chia Seeds and Soy Milk. I also drank a lot of water. Even though the air seemed clear, I think there was still plenty of dust because I kept choking on it.
Lunch: Now that the wedding is over we can concentrate on the upcoming auditions. Since we just changed musicals from The Sound of Music to The Music Man, I needed to get familiar with it very fast. Gary knows the musical very well. He did over 100 performances as Mayor Shinn for Marriott’s Great America back in the early 80’s, it was one of his first professional jobs. I found the 2003 version on YouTube. Gary picked up a couple of Green Smoothies at Whole Foods and we sat back and watched.
Dinner: I couldn’t wait to finish up the soup we had made a few night ago with low sodium Vegetable Broth, Tofu, Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa and Kale. Plus, Gary mixed in the leftover Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing. The lemony Tahini Dressing was the missing ingredient. Now the soup was perfect.
We had our simple, favorite Pool House dinner – Corn Tortillas with Black Beans and Avocado and Brown Basmati Rice with Tahini.

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