What Vegans Eat – Day 992, Travel Edition


Breakfast: It’s good to be back together again, Gary and me, after each of us had separate house-sitting assignments. We have a few more nights here in Walnut Creek at Gary’s niece’s home before we head back to New York. Gary brought his remaining food rations and merged them with mine. The plan was to make a breakfast feast. Gary chopped and sautéed some Zucchini, Carrots, Celery and Red Onion. I offered Garlic, but he nixed that. No Garlic! The Pyrex measuring cup behind the sauté pan is filled with Teeccino. This home has just about every gadget and appliance you would want in a kitchen, except for one thing. A Teapot. The measuring cup did a fine job brewing the Teeccino. We poured it in a stainless steel thermos afterwards to serve at breakfast.
The veggies were mixed with Tofu and Garfava flour for a variation of Gary’s No-Egg French Omelette. It was served with Baked Breakfast Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes.
Lunch: The breakfast was very filling. Not feeling very hungry later, I made a liquid lunch, smoothies made with Mixed Berries and Soy Milk.
Dinner: We are leaving in two nights so it’s time to clean out the refrigerator. This morning’s breakfast was the main dish.
I had a few Maitake mushrooms that I cooked in water. These were just for me of course since Gary doesn’t like mushrooms. Maitake mushrooms are very tasty and make a flavorful broth.
After reading my last few blogs complaining about Red Rice not working well as a breakfast cereal with fruits, Gary wanted to use up what was remaining and make something good. He succeeded! He mixed the Red Rice with chopped Red Cabbage, Red Onions and Tahini Dressing and tossed it into a Kale Salad. This was a hearty salad with a chewy texture.

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