What Vegans Eat – Travel Edition: LONDON/NEW YORK, Day 25


October 11, 2022
London and New York
This is it. The last day of our 25-Day Magical European Tour. We packed in a lot of adventures with good food.
There was an electric tea pot in our hotel room however the cord did not reach the outlet. It also didn’t have a plug that was compatible with Great Britain. But we did. I managed to pull the desk close enough to the outlet to plug in the kettle. And then there was hot tea.
We were now experts with public transportation! We took the Elizabeth Line to Heathrow using our Eurail passes.
Of course we were early. Once checked in we looked for a restaurant to get breakfast. London’s Pride welcomed us. They have a Plant-Based Full English Breakfast on the menu.
London Airport Menu
Yes, I got that. It was gorgeous and most of it was very good. Unfortunately the tofu scramble was not. The tofu had turned. Still I give them an A for effort!
English Breakfast London Airport
Guess who got the vegan burger and fries?
Burger London Airport
Then we waited for our plane to arrive.
Heathrow 150pm
Goodbye London!
We loved it here and we’ll be back.
Once boarded on our JetBlue flight to New York we settled in. We were served a simple and tasty vegan meal with tofu, green beans, sweet potato fries and two sauces.
Plane food
JFK airport welcomed us home.
New York 607pm
Back in NYC, we grabbed a cab to take us home. I had a board meeting that was starting at 7pm! I would make it just in time to set up my computer and connect on Zoom.
New York 634pm
Taking a deep breathe, we asked ourselves, did this adventure really happen? Yes, it did.

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