I first made and tried Buckwheaties when I was eating an all-raw vegan diet and I was looking at recipes in Juliano’s Raw, The Uncook Book book. It was one of the few recipes in the book that wasn’t smothered in olive oil and nama shoyu. I loved them! But I seemed to forget about them. I was reminded about Buckwheaties when I interviewed Gena Hamshaw and talked about her cookbook, Choosing Raw because she included the recipe. I promised myself I would make them again and over two years has passed. I just made them! Why did I wait so long Here’s how to make them.

2 cups raw buckwheat groats.

Put buckwheat in a large bowl and cover by several inches with water. Let soak overnight.
Place soaked groats in a sieve and rinse thoroughly.
Spread the groats on a large backing sheet lined with parchment paper.
If you have a dehydrator, or dehydrator option on your oven, dehydrate the buckwheat for about 6 hours at 115o, or until totally dry.
If you don’t have a dehydrator you can bake the buckwheat at 325o for 35 to 40 minutes. After about 15-20 minutes of cooking, move the buckwheat around a little on the baking sheet.

Serve Buckwheaties with your favorite nondairy milk. We suggest homemade Almond Milk.

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