Nut Milk


There is something sacred about making nut milk. I find soaking the raw nuts with clean, filtered, distilled water followed by blending it into a creamy, nutritious, flavorful milk, a peaceful process. As I do the blending, I meditate on the cows that are artificially inseminated by humans, separated from their babies within 24-48 hours from birth and turned into hamburger when no longer fertile. I circle them in my loving thoughts, knowing I am not participating in this evil process. And the best part is the delicious milk I have to enjoy.hazelnut-milk

1 cup nuts – almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts or your own mix

Place nuts/seeds in a jar and cover with water. Let soak for at least 8 hours. Rinse and drain and place in blender. Add one cup of water and process until creamy. Pour milk into a bowl, straining first through a fine mesh sieve. Return the nut pulp back to the blender. Repeat the process of blending and straining, adding a total of 4 or 5 cups of water. Four cups will make a richer creamier milk, five cups will thin it a little. If you have an even finer mesh sieve ( I use a very fine mesh tea basket) you can strain the milk again. Pour milk into a clean glass bottle or jar and refrigerate. Milk will last three to four days.

Use the remaining nut pulp to make our REAL Nut Meat “Tuna” Salad.


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