Interview 6/1/2011 with Neal Shartar


Neal Shartar is the Director of Food Services at New Hampton School (NHS) and uses only the freshest and finest ingredients in his food. This is not your typical high school cafeteria fare. Neil prides himself in serving only the best to his students and faculty: fair trade organic fruits and vegetables; gluten free and vegan menu options; and that’s just for breakfast. Neal is a plant-based, whole foods eater who was greatly influenced by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn as well as being inspired by Will Tuttle (a guest on our show next week) and his book, The World Peace Diet. He came to NHS in the fall of 1995. He was attracted by the wording in the ad that posted the job for Food Service Director. The ad read: “We are looking for someone to join our NHS Family to be responsible for feeding the school community.” It was this invitation to join the family of staff and faculty and be an active part in the NHS community that first brought Neal here, and it is the reality of being a part of this community that keeps him here. As a lover of healthy food, Neal appreciates the support he has for building a food service program of which he is proud to be a part. As a dedicated “life long learner” Neal very much enjoys his relationships with the faculty, students, and staff. He is happy that his concerns for and dedication to justice and excellence are valued here. He feels that he is allowed to thrive and that he is appreciated. He is very proud to work along with the food service staff in an excellent dining program. Neal says, “It is great to ride to work with my wife Sheryl on our tandem bicycle. I am so glad that she chose to be a baker over a career in social work.”


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