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SAD: Standard American Diet, REAL: Responsible Eating And Living

August 8, 2011, New York, NY. Introducing Responsible Eating And Living (REAL), a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of a plant-based diet and planet-friendly lifestyle.

REAL Founder Caryn Hartglass has been spreading the word about the advantages of a plant-based diet for over three decades.  She is the former Executive Director of EarthSave International and is currently the host of two weekly radio shows, It’s All About Food and Ask A Vegan, on the Progressive Radio Network. She’s an international award-winning opera singer and a chemical engineer with a successful career in the semiconductor industry spanning two decades. She has appeared on Dr. Oz, Geraldo At Large, 20-20 and CNN, and is currently the host of her own plant-based food show on the REAL Meals Network.

Best-selling author John Robbins, has said, “Caryn’s belief in the way of life that I represent and that Responsible Eating And Living advocates was profound before her cancer experience. After, it has become even deeper and more energized. You really couldn’t do better than supporting Responsible Eating And Living.”

Determined to live after being diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in 2006, Ms. Hartglass was in no mood for a pity party.  She knew through her life-long work as a vegan activist and guest lecturer that conventional medical treatment was not going to be enough to beat the deadly disease. She personally interviewed and read many stories about people with spontaneous remissions, people who defied the medical establishment’s death sentences by living and conquering their illnesses.  Knowing that the world had made so little progress to win the war on cancer, she wanted to learn from those who had won on their own.  She was surprised to learn that these accounts are often thrown off as mere ‘anecdotes’ by the medical profession who claim these stories have no scientific basis and therefore are not worthy of attention.  With a Masters degree in chemical engineering, she knew not to throw out a data point without a very good assumption so these cases were exactly what she focused her attention on.  She learned that if she was to beat the disease, she would have to adopt a warrior-like regimen to strengthen her body as well as her spirit. She knew the chemo was going to do its best to destroy both while hopefully destroying the cancer.  She fortified her already nutrient-dense diet and daily exercise routine with green-juicing, supplements, yoga, meditation sessions, and lots of love and laughter with family and friends.  All through the treatment she continued working and living her life.  She even performed in a theater production in California while receiving chemotherapy infusions in Chicago.

Many people are so sick from chemo they can not eat and lose a lot of weight.  While on chemo, Ms. Hartglass regained the weight she had lost from the wasting of cancer with a doctor remarking that “weight gain is NOT a side effect of chemotherapy.”  During her treatment she charted and graphed her blood test results.  She watched her CA125 (ovarian cancer blood test marker) results drop 30% in the one month prior to her last surgery with the only ‘treatment’ being meditation and supplements.  Suffice it to say the story has a happy ending.  Caryn survived 3 major surgeries in less than one year and two 4-month-long rounds of aggressive chemotherapy.  She has been cancer-free for the past four years.

None of these seemingly miraculous events happened by chance.  The medical community did their part, removing and destroying the cancer.  But Ms. Hartglass knew it was up to her to do the rest, in order to heal, survive and thrive.  Now she wants to share what she learned with the world which is why she has founded REAL.

Responsible Eating And Living, which launched last month, already has a great deal of original content, including over 100 podcasts.  Ms. Hartglass has personally interviewed doctors, nutritionists, athletes, chefs and activists who are in the forefront of the plant-based diet movement including Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Essylston, Dr. Marion Nestle to name a few.  Her gentle and upbeat interview style brings out the best in her guests, drawing in the listener to comprehend the difficult challenges we face today and motivating them to take responsibility to make positive changes in their own lives.

New original videos, recipes and articles are continually being added that will help people – not only those diagnosed with cancer and other chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes but everyone who is interested in living a long, healthy, energetic life and cares about the health of the planet.  Using a common sense approach, people will learn that this lifestyle is not only healthy and environmentally-sustainable but a joyful experience as well.

For more information about Responsible Eating And Living, or to schedule an interview with Ms. Hartglass, please call 1-718-490-0507 or send an email to

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