On March 8, 2014, REAL co-founder Caryn Hartglass was part of a four-person panel which included a climate change skeptic and an advocate of animal agriculture intensification. In order to do the research and prepare for the event, Responsible Eating And Living launched The Lone Vegan Kickstarter Project.


Caryn’s talk was centered on the devastating effects animal agriculture has on climate change. Find out how she did in the upcoming documentary, PREACHING TO THE FIRE, opening June 10, 2014 at ResponsibleEatingAndLiving.com. PREACHING TO THE FIRE was produced in-house at Responsible Eating And Living.

We want to thank our generous supporters of the Lone Vegan Kickstarter Project:

Gary De Mattei
Maura Prolo
Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni
Russell Elleven
Jared M. Gordon
Dr. Anne B Stericker
Patti Breitman
Terry H. Romero
Bill Teeple
Charlotte A Maier
Lori Hartglass and Family
Diane Travers
Tara Backhouse
Lois and Harold Hartglass
Kevin Block-Schwenk
Katie Schwarz
Don Lawrence
Joel Berkowitz
Dimitri W. Frost
Tom Cotton
Ann Wieczorek
Steven W. Schneickert
Stephen and Cindy Chaplin

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