Mother’s Day Brunch


Mother’s Day brunch and look at these dishes!
Easy to make and oh so delicious!
The main ingredients each one features:
Love and respect for all living creatures.
There’re smoothies and waffles and home fries too,
Egg-free frittata that serves quite a few.
Your mom will love them and so will your guests,
If you prepare them and clean up the mess.
Mother’s Day joy to her you’ll be giving,
Love, Responsible Eating And Living.

When asked what you eat, I’ve heard vegans say “Nothing with a mother or a face.”
Vegans feel Mother’s Day should not only celebrate mothers of humans but of all living creatures of land and sea. We here at Responsible Eating And Living have created a brunch menu with four of our very favorite cruelty-free dishes just for you. Happy Mother’s Day!


Pina Colada Kale smoothie
Fruity Waffles
Easy Spinach Frittata
Home Fries

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