Skye Michael Conroy, Crafting Seitan


Skye Michael Conroy, Crafting Seitan, Creating Homemade Plant-Based Meats
Skye Michael Conroy began his journey as a vegan chef as a hobby but he evolved as he studied the culinary arts in depth, and in 2014 he received the plant-based professional certificate of completion from Rouxbe Cooking School taught by chef Chad Sarno. For more information visit the
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  1. I just got your book Crafting Seitan and was hoping all the recipes just involved Vital Gluten and not tofu or soy because I am quite allergic to soy. Can I substitute the soy and soy products in your recipes for some other ingredient? Thank you

    • Hi Lucy, I just got a response to your question from Skye-Michael. He wrote: “I get the best results from soy/tofu but some people have used chickpeas in equal weight as a substitute. Of course this is going to affect color and flavor to a degree.” I hope that helps! – Caryn

  2. The thought came to mind….ain’t like the r e a l thang!!!

    Bologna…..interesting. I loved fried bologna sandwiches.

    75%!! Nice computation!!! Your skills come in handy.
    We need more food engineers like you!!! And – like the young lady I met who was going to Purdue (sorry) to be a food engineer. I was thinking….I have a wonderful FE; HE has done a fine job from the beginning of time….


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