Watch Prosperity now (and then get ready!)



I’ve some exciting news. We learned a few weeks ago on It’s All About Food about Dr. Pedram Shojai’s brand new documentary Prosperity. It is LIVE right now and ready to watch.

Just out of theaters and ready to inspire millions more across the country, Prosperity will prove that we CAN all come together, change the world and make a profit at the same time… if we make the right decisions.

Click right HERE to register and see Prosperity FREE right now!

When you watch it I’d like to challenge you to open your mind to the new possibilities for not only socially conscious business, but things you as a consumer can start doing right now in your own life.

Once you’ve seen the movie you’re going to be excited about the possibilities, and Dr. Pedram has something huge planned to help you do just that.

He’ll be streaming a fantastic set of new videos called the Roadmap To Prosperity Event – and when you sign up for the movie you’ll have access to them ALL – also 100% free as soon as the Prosperity screening is over!

When you go and watch the movie be absolutely sure to read the entire page and learn what’s in store in the Roadmap to Prosperity Event!

It’s got the power to change lives and the world we live in.

Take a minute and get signed up here if you haven’t!


Listen to Caryn’s It’s All About Food recent interview with Pedram Shojai to find out more about Prosperity.

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