What Vegans Eat – Day 971, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Dave was excited about making his pancake recipe and leaving out the eggs so they’d be vegan. They were gorgeous! I made the compote with Pears, Blueberries, Strawberries and Bananas. He prepared individual thermoses for each of us. Mine had Jasmine Tea and Gary had the decaffeinated Darjeeling.
Lunch: We decided to spend another lovely day in beautiful Carmel. We did a lot of walking, stopping here and there. One place we walked into was the Cypress Inn co-owned by Doris Day. I remember listening to my mom’s records of Doris Day singing when I was young and happy to learn she has done a lot for animals.
We walked through the beautiful Il Fornaio Italian Restaurant and had some tea. I felt a connection to the big wooden table we sat at, sensing all the lives and conversations that had been here before me.
Drinks: Our third day visiting Carmel we made it down to the beach. We walked along the path looking out at the breathtaking views and beach houses. We timed the walk so we would end up at La Playa hotel by 4:30pm. Dave was looking forward to getting something on the bar menu and then have us experience the Bud Allen Happy Hour that takes place every Sunday at 5pm for about 10-20 minutes. Drinks are only ten cents! Dave made sure we had enough dimes for the event, since dimes are the only payment accepted. Gary and I enjoyed our ten cent Stella Artois Beers.
Dinner: I was in the mood for Mexican Food. We walked to Club Jalapeño which looked vegan-friendly from the website. I order a dish that came with fried, battered Tofu. I requested plain tofu instead. The dish arrived with the fried tofu AND fried corn tortillas. I compromised. I kept the tofu and requested soft corn tortillas.
Gary ordered another veg dish requesting soft corn tortillas instead of the flour ones and they got it right the first time. Our food was sloppy and messy on the plate. I liked the abundance of raw, grated red and green cabbage.

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