What Vegans Eat – Day 1003


Breakfast: My favorite kind of morning is when I wake up and want to make a nice breakfast, I check the REAL app for our breakfast recipes and pick something. This morning I chose Late Night Corn Pancakes. They have this name because I made the recipe late one evening, but these pancakes are good any time of the day. Here they are with a Strawberry Coulis, served with Pink Grapefruit.
Dinner: Gary was in the mood to cook later in the day. He made “pork chops”, marinated tempeh steaks with Baked Fries, Celery Sticks and a Baby Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing. I took a bunch of dried Pacific Northwest Mushroom Medley from Fungus Amongus and boiled them in water. I added the mushrooms to my tempeh. Gary doesn’t like mushrooms so when I am in the mood for some I add them separately. I asked Gary what made the tempeh taste like fish. He told me what he marinated it in, rice vinegar and some herbs and spices, but nothing that would give it a fishy flavor. He didn’t think it tasted fishy either. We realized a little bit later that it was the mushrooms that gave it the flavor I was tasting. I will file that away in my memory the next time I want something to taste fishy!
Evening: We are both working late and I was happy to prepare an herbal tea blend that we like with Peppermint, Chamomile, Ginger and Lemon. I dehydrated some ginger and lemon rinds a while ago and this is what I use in the tea.

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