What Vegans Eat – Day 1008


Brunch: It’s my day off! A day off as a caregiver that is. Today I could relax and do my REAL work! I was looking forward to catching up on everything and doing my radio show. I had a fabulous show planned. While I worked I enjoyed another delicious bowl of Risotto with Creamy Walnut Pesto like I had yesterday for dinner, along with the salad I couldn’t finish and the remaining piece of Pesto Baked Tofu.
I went into the Progressive Radio Network studio for the It’s All About Food show. My guests were Lori Robin of Cheezehound and Gabriel Heymann of Smart Beer. We were having a vegan beer and cheese tasting party. We drank Smart Beer’s Organic Gold Ale and the Organic IPA. I was feeling good. Please tune in to the show, it was so much fun!
Dinner: Gary did it again. He made a creative dish with Garbanzo Beans and Collard Greens. He blended in the Vitamix a cooked Sweet Potato that he left over from the other night’s dinner with a pinch of Garam Masala, a dash of Madras Curry, a little Tumeric, a few cloves of Roasted Garlic, a splash of Soy Milk, about a cup of water, and voila — he prepared a delicately flavored sauce with just enough natural sweetness to handle the heat of all of those incredible spices.
Evening: Late in the evening after quite a bit of work, we had our own little celebration. Lori Robin sent me home with the cheeses she brought to the show. How lucky am I? Gary made a cheese board with Mary’s Gone Crackers and Apples. You can see the names of the cheeses: Ferdie Yeta, a tofu-based feta; Nini O, a nut-based, saffron spiced cheese; Paté Bruges, loaded with meaty mushrooms; Cashevre, a cashew cheese dusted with Italian Herbs; Liptauer, a spreadable nut-cheese with relish and a Macadamia Mozzarella that melts in your mouth! I asked Gary if he had a favorite and his answer was the same as mine – they are all so good!

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